Wireless Watchdog Personal Security Monitor

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This motion-activated, infrared wireless alert system helps keep your home and property safe and secure. No wiring is needed to install - simply place the sensor anywhere outside your house, and keep the receiver inside the house. When the sensor detects motion, the receiver will emit an audible signal, and the LED light will flash to alert you. With a 400 ft. range, you can place the sensor near your driveway or mailbox, and keep the receiver in your house. SECURITY ALERT: When a person or vehicle passes by the monitor, you’ll receive an alert on your personal unit. WIRELESS CAPABILITIES: With its wireless capabilities, the Infrared (IR) sensor will send a signal to your personal unit from any location around the house. The sensor monitor can work up to 400 feet from the personal unit. ALERT SYSTEM: When the sensor is triggered, you’ll receive both a decibel and flashing LED alert. The adjustable volume ranges from 76-92 decibels. DUAL USE: The personal monitor can be used as a stand-alone device or a portable one with its built-in clip.