Wireless Ultrasonic Bark Stopper

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    Kole Imports - Wireless Ultrasonic Bark Stopper Trainer Puppy & Dog Barking Control Device. Put an end to your dog's excessive barking with our cutting-edge Ultrasonic Bark Stopper. This wireless device detects dog barks and responds by emitting harmless ultrasonic sounds effectively training dogs to reduce their barking behavior. With features like an LED working indicator light adjustable volume settings and a 20-foot range it's suitable for all dog breeds. The compact design includes wall mount holes for easy integration into your home. Packaged in a durable clamshell this device is made from sturdy plastic in an elegant white color and measures 1.875 inches in length 1.25 inches in width and 5 inches in height with a weight of 0.4375 lbs. Instructions are included on the package but please note that batteries are not included; it requires a single 9V battery for operation. Bring peace and tranquility back to your home with our Ultrasonic Bark Stopper—the solution to excessive barking behavior. White
  • Includes instructions on back of package
  • Help stop your dog from excessive barking with this ultrasonic bark stopper, an advanced wireless device that detects dog barks and emits ultrasonic sounds to teach dogs to not bark
  • Device has an LED working indicator light, low and high volume and works up to 20 feet away