Wipe New Trim Restorer Wipe-On Applicator

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Wipe New Wipe the years away! Restores, renews and protects. Wipe New is a revolutionary new product that guarantees to restore the shine of any car; for two years with only one application. The secret is in the nano-polymer formula that penetrates deep into any surface allowing the shine to remain longer than any competing product. Similar silicone based products only have a limited and temporal effect. They remain on the vehicleÕs surface and quickly fade away; requiring continual application. Wipe New can be used on just about any surface. It was design to be used on a vehicles interior and exterior. It will not damage paint or interior accessories. While it was specifically designed for automobiles, customers have reported successfully using it on a variety of surfaces including boats, motorbikes, bicycles, and even patio furniture! Wipe New is suitable for bumpers, side panels, dashboards, rims, all the interior plastics and even vinyl and leather car seats. It can be used freely on powder coated painted surfaces and fiber glass. It is SUPER easy to use. All you must do is dab a small amount of the cream onto the cloth provided in the detail kit and gently rub the solution onto your vehicleÕs surface. The cream will penetrate into the surface and dry with 24 hours. You will only need to coat your vehicle once to receive a lasting shine. Not only will Wipe New provide a brilliant shine, it will also give your surfaces UV protection and make them easier to clean. Before Application: Before starting applying Wipe New make sure that the surface you are operating on is clean and dry. The surface must be free of greases, oils and dust particles. Includes: 3 single use wipes , 3 bonus prep wipes, and 1 pair of Nitrile gloves.