Wipe New FIERCE Wheel & Tire Cleaner, 20 ounces

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    Clean wheels and deep black tires can make your car stand out from the rest of the crowd. Unfortunately, they can get filthy fast as they are exposed to brake dust, road oil, and dirt daily. Wipe New Fierce Wheel & Tire Cleaner is the product you need to cut through those contaminants and restore the look to your wheels and tires. Just spray on and watch the dirt and grime lift off the surface to reveal a brilliant, attention-grabbing wheel! Powerful cleaners and degreasers dissolve more brake dust, oil, and grime than standard cleaners. Clinging foam stays on vertical surfaces for longer for a deeper penetrating clean. The acid-free formula is safe for all OEM clear coat wheels. Easy to use – one application provides high gloss shine. No need to wipe – dries to the touch in minutes and helps prevent dust and dirt from collecting on a tire.
  • Powerful cleaners dissolve brake dust and provide a level of clean you cannot achieve with ordinary cleaners or car wash.
  • Clinging foam reaches and cleans hard to reach areas of intricate wheel designs.
  • Cuts through the browning on tire sidewalls and restores the original black appearance.