Weighted Sleep Mask

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FineLife Products - Weighted Sleep (Adult) Mask Gentle Pressure Light Blocking Relaxe Sleeping. The innovative weighted sleep mask designed to optimize your sleep experience. Crafted to block out light and apply gentle pressure to key relaxation pressure points this mask primes your body for a deep and restful slumber. Measuring 8.5" in width 3.5" in length and 0.5" in thickness this unisex sleep mask guarantees a comfortable fit for adults. Its sleek black design coupled with an elastic strap ensures a secure and snug placement. The mask's surface boasts a smooth and soft texture resembling a fleecy touch that enhances overall comfort. This versatile sleep mask is perfect for various scenarios making it ideal for travel purposes such as long airport waits car rides or when staying in a brightly-lit hotel room. The carefully added weight of approximately 8 oz provides a soothing sensation that many find pleasant. It contributes to pressure relief and muscle relaxation facilitating faster sleep onset and deeper sleep cycles. For maintenance simply hand wash the mask to keep it in optimal condition. It is available in one size accommodating a wide range of users. Experience the difference with our weighted sleep mask and unlock the gateway to improved sleep quality and ultimate relaxation. A weighted sleep mask that primes your body for sleep by blocking out light and distributing light touch across key relaxation pressure points; allows you to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. Black