Water Rover Bigger 4-Inch Bowl and 26-Ounce Bottle, Purple

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    Water Rover - (Bigger) 4-inch Bowl and 26-ounce Bottle – The ultimate hydration solution for pet owners with larger companions or those embarking on extended outdoor adventures. Designed with a spacious 4-inch bowl and a substantial 26-ounce bottle this pet water bottle ensures ample refreshment for bigger breeds or prolonged excursions. The integrated bowl flips open seamlessly providing a hassle-free and mess-free way for your pet to drink. With a secure leak-proof cap and durable construction, the Water Rover Bigger offers reliability during various outdoor activities. Portable and versatile it's the go-to accessory for pet owners who prioritize convenience and ample hydration for their furry friends during any journey. 4-Inch Bowl and 26-Ounce Bottle- Purple
  • Hands-Free - Clips To Belt Or Waist Band
  • Leak-Free - Even When Held Upside Down
  • Waste-Free Product - Made from durable plastic