Viatek Mini Dynamo 3 LED Flashlight, Pink

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    Viatek - The Viatek mini dynamo crank super bright LED flashlight offers a portable lighting solution that can accompany you wherever you go. It seamlessly integrates the practicality of three powerful LED lights with the convenience of a Dynamo Crank eliminating the need for battery or bulb replacements. This compact flashlight is perfect for various situations whether you're traveling conducting business or simply need a reliable light source on the go. With its vibrant pink LED light three super-bright LEDs tether strap rubberized comfort grip and compact size it's a versatile and handy tool for any lighting needs. - Pink
  • Viatek's mini dynamo crank LED flashlight offers portable illumination wherever you go.
  • This compact unit combines the convenience of 3 LED lights with the power of a Dynamo Crank.
  • Say goodbye to battery and bulb replacements, ensuring lasting functionality.