U.S. Patrol Sliding Glass Window Security Bar - White

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Secure Your Sliding Glass Door in Style. Add security to your sliding door with this sturdy bar lock that is made or strong and durable iron. No locksmith required! Simply place in the door track, adjust to the required length and tighten into place. The elegant design features scrolling vines and leaves. It blends effortlessly with your decor, making it an attractive way to keep out intruders.Safety & Style in One. Once installed, this iron bar lock looks like an integral part of your door. No one will guess that s its actually an important safety feature. Sliding doors are notoriously hard to secure. They generally feature flimsy latches that pose little trouble to someone trying to break in. The most effective way to keep your sliders securely closed is with a strong iron lock bar, like this one. It keeps you safe from thieves and burglars without compromising the look of your home. It also prevents young children from opening the door and venturing outside unattended.This lock bar features strong iron construction with a designer look that adds beauty to your home. Extends from 26" to 42"L x 7/8"W x 3"H.