Turbo Jet Power Washer, High Pressure Spray Nozzle

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Turbo Jet Power Washer The secret is Turbo Jet’s built-in pressure chamber that converts the normal flow of water in your hose into a powerful jet stream. Turbo Jet is made with durable aluminum and has a stainless steel finish with quality brass fittings. Turbo Jet can quickly remove dirt and grime from wood, aluminum & vinyl siding, concrete, brick, stone and so much more! Great for patios, decks, windows, eaves, sidings, awnings, cars, trucks, steps and more. Turns any hose into a power washer. Blasts away dirt, grime, weeds and more. Heavy-duty construction of durable aluminum, stainless steel and solid brass. Includes: Turbo Jet hose attachment with easy on/off valve (1)Jet stream nozzle (1)Fan-Spray Nozzle