Total Vision Back Support Memory Foam Cushion (17.75"W x 2"L x 12.50" H)

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    The Total Vision Back Support Memory Foam Cushion is a comfortable and ergonomic cushion made of high-quality memory foam. It provides support and relieves pressure on your back, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing strain. Its contoured shape and removable cover make it suitable for use in various settings, such as office chairs and car seats. The cushion aims to enhance comfort, alleviate discomfort, and contribute to a healthier posture while sitting. (17.75"W x 2"L x 12.50" H) Measures 3" x 13" x 16".
  • Designed to provide back support and comfort.
  • Ergonomically shaped to fit the natural curve of the spine .Relieves pressure on coccyx/tailbone.
  • Suitable for individuals with back pain, posture issues, or those seeking additional support.