Therapeutic Facial Complex for Wrinkles

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Infuse your skin with vitality with Reventin Therapeutic Facial Complex. With ingredients that have been shown through in vivo testing to increase exfoliation and elastin synthesis, decrease the appearance of wrinkles by 55% and improve clarity by 45%, you’ll be amazed to discover how much younger you can look with this state-of-the-art formula. Pro-C50 has been shown to suppress the appearance of sun damage, which accounts for more than 80% of the visible signs of aging skin (according to both the Skin Cancer Foundation and the Mayo Clinic). In tests, Pro-C50 actually doubled the survival rate of cells exposed to UVB radiation. Pro-C50 truly is one of the most powerful forms of cosmetic Vitamin C available today. Other studies have shown that Pro-C50 can: Firm and tighten your skin’s appearance by increasing Collagen synthesis more than regular Vitamin C Protect your skin from stress Brighten and clarify skin tone