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    StainEraser Inc. - The Spa Eraser is your ultimate solution for removing stubborn stains from pools and spas. Designed to work on all types of surfaces this powerful stain eraser is a must-have for any pool or spa owner looking to maintain a clean and pristine environment. The Spa Eraser is meticulously crafted using advanced cleaning technology ensuring its effectiveness on various surfaces such as fiberglass concrete vinyl and tile. Say goodbye to unsightly stains caused by mineral deposits algae rust and other contaminants. With the Spa Eraser you can effortlessly restore the beauty of your pool or spa.- 1 Pack
  • The Spa Eraser is specifically formulated to tackle a wide range of stains found in pools and spas. Whether it's mineral deposits, rust, scale, or algae, this stain eraser has you covered.
  • Erasers provide instant results.
  • No Scratching or Gouging.