The Egg Peeler- Red

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Compact and sturdy, the peeler makes the once tedious task of peeling boiled eggs ingeniously simple, Fast and fun! Add a little water and your boiled egg to the container. SNAP on the cap. SHAKE it a few times. Remove the shelled egg. It takes just seconds. Now you're ready to slip the egg out of its shell. SHAKE the peeler up and down with enough force so that the egg strikes the caps. You cross-fit guys need to take it a little easy, or you will end up with a slushy mess complete with shells. Shake until you feel the shell begin to "soften" - approximately 4 to 12 times. Timing will vary. The body is clear so you can watch the progress. When you see the white of the egg appear, you're done. Mission Accomplished. The egg will then slip out of its shell. If the egg is a reluctant sheller you may have to break the membrane after shaking to get the shell to release. This can happen with extremely fresh eggs and is not the norm.