The Amazing Glove Hot Resistance Surface Handler BBQ Grilling Kitchen- 2 Pack

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    ATB - Introducing the ATB Amazing Glove your ultimate Hot Resistance Surface Handler for BBQ grilling in the kitchen. This 2-piece set elevates your cooking experience with remarkable heat resistance up to 480°F. The Amazing Glove Deluxe extends the duration your hands can comfortably handle hot objects thanks to its heavy-duty exterior layer that forms an effective thermal isolation barrier. This unique design prevents the outer layer from catching fire or melting ensuring durability and safety. The glove's ultra-soft double-knit cotton interior remains cool as the thermal barrier slows the temperature increase. Not only does it offer exceptional heat protection but it also boasts a lightweight design for ease of use. Plus the glove is conveniently machine washable adding to its practicality. Please note that while this glove is a culinary powerhouse it is not waterproof. Enhance your grilling and kitchen adventures with the Amazing Glove – now available in a convenient 2 Pack in a stylish Beige Color. - 2 Pack
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for BBQ and Grilling festivities!
  • Ideal for Kitchen, Home, Lawn, Workshops and Garden Areas