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Taco Tastico 2 pack A Taco Tastico® is a microwave taco shell form that utilizes no oil to make PERFECT crunchy taco shells every time. Crunchy taco shells can be used with Hawaiian, BBQ, Thai, vegan, stir fry, Chinese, and Italian tacos. Many low-calorie alternatives lack flavor and tastiness while a corn tortilla taco shell prepared on a Taco Tastico® actually takes on a richer popcorn flavor. As a cleaner carbohydrate source without fattening oil, it can be incorporated into more meals with the satisfaction of a crunch. It's designed to hold one standard corn tortilla as well as a standard flour tortilla. Alternatively, two corn tortillas will fit on one Taco Tastico® with minor overlapping and sticking together that snaps apart easily. It's fast, simple, and much healthier! Lightweight, BPA Free, Microwave, Dishwasher Safe. Virtually no cleaning or cleanup to make taco shells.