Swerve Ball Bat and Ball Combo Set

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    The Swerve Ball - Bat & Ball Combo in vibrant orange is a dynamic duo designed for endless outdoor fun. The set includes a high-quality bat and ball crafted for optimal performance and durability. The unique design of the Swerve Ball ensures unpredictable twists and turns adding an exciting element to your games. The bright orange color not only enhances visibility but also adds a playful touch to your recreational activities. Perfect for backyard gatherings park outings or casual games with friends this Swerve Ball Bat & Ball Combo guarantees hours of active entertainment. Elevate your outdoor play with this energetic and eye-catching combo. 0.37 lb - Orange
  • Swerve Ball is an educational and fun way to throw curveballs, sliders, knuckle balls, change ups, and fast balls like the pros!
  • Includes a high-quality bat and ball for outdoor play
  • Special markings on the ball help you learn 6 professional pitches.