Supreme Natural Softening Banana Heel Cream, 20 gram

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    The Supreme Softening Banana Heel Cream is your key to beautifully moisturized and healed heels. The luxurious balm harnesses the natural power of bananas to effectively reduce roughness and seal in vital moisture.
  • Softening Banana Foot Cream can be applied to dry, cracked and rough skin, moisturizes, softens the skin, leaving it smooth and delicate, and can withstand dry and hard skin.
  • The formula helps to penetrate the thicker and rougher surface of the skin on the legs.
  • Remove dead skin, leaving skin smooth and supple.
  • This exfoliator was created with stimulating essential oils including Banana peel extract, vitamin E, olive oil and more.
  • Foot creams are made from the purest form of natural and organic ingredients which are beneficial for your skin.