Supreme Natural Softening Banana Heel Cream, 20 gram

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    Supreme - Cosprof Natural Softening Banana Heel Cream Cracked Rough Skin Treatment. Introducing the Supreme Softening Banana Heel Cream – your key to beautifully moisturized and healed heels. This luxurious balm harnesses the natural power of bananas to effectively reduce roughness soothe cracks and seal in vital moisture. Experience visible results within just 14 days of consistent use. Say goodbye to dry uncomfortable heels and hello to soft smooth and rejuvenated skin. Walk with confidence and comfort – your perfect heel care companion is here.To achieve the best results simply apply the cream to your clean dry heels. Massage it gently into the skin allowing the rich moisturizing properties to absorb fully. Feel the luxurious blend of ingredients working harmoniously to unveil the true potential of your heels. Banana Extract: Nature's remedy for cracked heels it deeply nourishes and revitalizes unveiling softness. Coconut Oil: A natural emollient that soothes and moisturizes combating dryness for supple skin. Vitamin E: An antioxidant powerhouse that helps repair and protect promoting healthier smoother heels. Olive Oil: A time-honored moisturizer that locks in hydration transforming roughness into silkiness.(0.70 oz)- Yellow 20 gr.
  • Softening Banana Foot Cream can be applied to dry, cracked and rough skin, moisturizes, softens the skin, leaving it smooth and delicate, and can withstand dry and hard skin.
  • The formula helps to penetrate the thicker and rougher surface of the skin on the legs.
  • Remove dead skin, leaving skin smooth and supple.