Supportive Foam Back Support Pillow

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    Kole Imports - The Supportive Foam Back Support Pillow is expertly constructed with a combination of softness and firmness to cradle your back and promote healthy spinal alignment. The high-density foam core ensures reliable support while the plush outer layer offers a cushioned and cozy feel. With its ergonomic design this pillow conforms to the natural curve of your back providing targeted support to the lumbar region. Whether you suffer from back pain or simply want to prevent discomfort during extended periods of sitting this pillow is here to assist you. The pillow's versatile design allows it to be used in various settings. Use it on your office chair to maintain proper posture and reduce strain during long work hours. Place it on your car seat to enhance your driving experience and minimize fatigue. Or simply enjoy its supportive benefits while relaxing on your favorite armchair or couch. The Supportive Foam Back Support Pillow is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The neutral color and sleek design make it a seamless addition to any decor blending effortlessly with your existing furniture. 13" x 4" x 12" - Light Green
  • Gives All Day Support
  • Contours Fit Body Shape
  • Unique Curved Design