Strap Wrench- 2 Piece Set

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The rubber strap fits around objects to hold or tighten/loosen without slipping or any surface damage. The set is complete with two Rubber Strap wrenches. The large wrench has 24" x 3/4" strap and can grip objects up to 6" diameter. The medium wrench has 20" x 1/2" strap and can grip objects up to 4" diameter. Assorted colors may ship Simply place the rubber strap around the item to be managed, pull the loose strap through the open slot for tight security around object. Loosen or tighten the item by turning the wrench so the strap is gripped in place by the seated edge of the wrench. This will ensure the object will not slip. Ideal for oil filters, jar lids, plumbing fixtures and pipes . Includes: 1 x Large Rubber Strap Wrench 1 x Medium Rubber Strap Wrench