Stick-on Nearsighted Lenses Readers (-400)

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Easily and conveniently turn any pair of glasses into readers with our innovative process. Whether you're looking to enhance your vision for reading or close-up tasks, this solution offers a practical alternative to traditional reading glasses. Safer and more convenient than contact lenses, with no age or occasion restrictions, the process involves simple steps. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the glasses for a clear and smooth surface. Gently pull out the nearsighted lenses and place the reader lens sticker in the specified area on the glasses. Lightly press the sticker until the lenses adhere securely and remain stable. These reader lenses are not only easy to apply but also washable. After affixing them to the glasses, you can wet the lenses and dry them with water. With a lens width of 48 millimeters, a lens height of 29 millimeters, and a unisex design weighing a mere 0.71 ounces, this versatile solution transforms your glasses into readers effortlessly, providing a practical and adaptable eyewear option.