Sneaker Eraser

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Dual-surface texture features a spongy cleaning side and a smooth beveled side to clean then buff away fine particles and debris. With the sponge slightly moist, gently rub your shoe with the sponge to remove marks and dirt stains that instantly disappear from your shoes’ and sneakers’ soles and midsoles; Quick, effective, and convenient miracle erasing sponges. Clean up those kids' cleats and tennis shoes to look brand new. Gently rub on your shoes and see the results immediately. Dual texture sponge/buffing pad cleans sneakers, athletic shoes, kids' shoes, cleats, golf shoes & more Cleans all types of shoes and is perfect for gum soles and white-sole shoes Reusable sponge lasts for multiple uses Just dampen the sponge, rub, and buff to clean Product Measures Approx. 3.75x3.75x.75(inches)