Slim Away -Adjustable Slimming Belt- 30" to 50" Waist

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    Transform your waistline with As Seen on TV Slim Away. Instantly appear slimmer and trimmer as it reduces inches off your waist, providing a more fitted look. Crafted from special Evapowrap fabric, it seals in body heat to aid in gradual water weight loss. This slimming belt smooths bulk around the waist for a toned appearance and offers back support. With a five-zipper adjustable closure, it fits waist sizes from 22" to 50". Wear discreetly under any clothing for instant slimming effects.
  • Evaposlim Fabric Seals in Body Heat to Help You Lose Water Weight.
  • Wear Under Clothing To Look Slim Instantly.
  • Provides Back Support.