Shadazzle Natural All Purpose Cleaner and Polish- Lemon

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Shadazzle All Purpose Cleaner & Polish Clean everything and get rid of any stain with Shadazzle : it will replace all your chemical products! Shadazzle is a multi-purpose cleaner and polish made from natural ingredients only. No chemicals, no phosphates, it is the best way to clean everything while having no impact on the environment! Use Shadazzle inside the house, all over your kitchen. Shadazzle does wonders on stove tops : whether they are ceramic hobs or induction plates ! Also very effective on stainless steel appliances, countertops, inside and outside the fridge, pots and pans made of any metal.This natural all purpose cleaner can be used in the kitchen and the bathroom ; on floors, shower doors, windows, tiles' joints...Polish your cutlery with little effort ! This multipurpose cleaner is the best when it comes to cleaning metals. It gets rid of oxidation easily and does not scratch you precious cutlery or jewelry ! Try it on any metal : stainless steel, copper, silver, brass...With a little elbow grease and the right usage, it will definitely do wonders on your jewelry, cutlery and silverware !PVC garden furniture back to its original white ! Outside the house, you can use the Shadazzle all-purpose cleaner on PVC garden furniture. It will clean it and restore the beautiful white of your furniture's first summer ! Also, do not hesitate to try it on other things outside : your car or any other ride, your pool liners...Shoes and other objects... Get creative ! No more worry when your shiny white shoes are getting dirty. With Shadazzle, you will clean them easily ! And what about your kid's plastic toys ? Shadazzle is the right pick to clean them : effective and completely harmless.