Scratch-dini Maximum Strength Scratch Remover

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    As Seen On TV - Scratch-Dini Maximum Strength Scratch Remover for Automobile Bike Boat. This is not a cover-up or filler but a proven solution for those annoying surface blemishes that spoil an otherwise beautiful finish. The most pampered vehicle or appliance can fall victim to light scratches and imperfections. Scratch-dini Scratch Remover combines technological innovation and detailing know-how to help remove surface scratches without painting or sanding. It is ideal for use on automobiles motorcycles bikes and boats. There is no need to match colors and it works on any color paint. 0.34lb - Clear
  • Helps remove most surface scratches, swirl marks, and haze
  • Works on most colors and finishes
  • Applies in seconds - buffs away