SAS Dutch Glow Amish Wood Furniture Polish, 12-Ounce (Two Pack)

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    Dutch Glow, the revolutionary Amish Wood Milk! This remarkable 12-ounce formula is derived from a century-old Amish woodworkers' recipe that prioritizes purity and simplicity. It effortlessly cleans, polishes, restores, and nourishes any wood surface within your home. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and waxy residue – Dutch Glow is designed to leave your wood surfaces pristine.Suitable for all types of wood or veneer, such as oak, cherry, pine, maple, teak, hickory, and more, Dutch Glow even works wonders on painted wood surfaces. Its perfect blend of pure ingredients effectively removes dirt, grease, fingerprints, heat rings, and watermarks from your furniture, cabinetry, and floors.
  • Pure & simple formula based on a century-old Amish woodworkers' recipe
  • Easily cleans, polishes, restores & nourishes any wood surface in your home
  • No harsh chemicals or waxy residue left behind