SAni 360 Garbage Disposal Cleaner - Lemon Scent , 10 oz.

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Your garbage disposal is one of the most-used appliances in your home, which is why keeping it clean and deodorized is a top priority. With Sani 360 foaming garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizer, you can do just that. The enzyme foaming action goes to work to deodorize under the splash guard, sanitize the pipes and clean the blades and sidewalls of your garbage disposal. Simply spray, clean and rinse for a quick and easy solution to odors and built-up residue.The citrus lemon scent of this garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizer leaves your kitchen and your home with an inviting aroma while eliminating foul odor. This product is formulated with essential oils and provides you with a safer alternative to using bleach. Sani 360 cleaners and deodorizers are also septic tank safe. Break down sticky food particles, grease, oil and dry food at once when using this Sani 360 foam garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizer once a week. The 10 oz. can offer you up to two months of cleaner and deodorizer, averaging to approximately 2 months use. Rid your home of offensive odors emanating from your garbage disposal by just pointing the extra-long nozzle sprayer can into your disposal, and rinsing away the grime, grease and build-up.