Rust-Oleum 340450 Factor 4 Instant Spray Car Detailer

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    Rust-Oleum - Factor 4 Instant Car Detailer Spray provides a revolutionary clean high shine and lasting protection for your vehicle. The simple spray application works on tough grime and stains to restore the shiny finish of car wax. Factor 4 Instant Car Detailer Spray also adds water-beading technology. Simplify the detailing process with a quick detailer spray and keep your car or truck looking great all year long. Complimenting the Synthetic Wax System the Instant Detailer Spray removes tough grime sap and bugs from the surface. It rejuvenates water repellency and shine while gently lifting dust and dirt from the vehicle’s surface. The Instant Detailer Spray is available in a trigger bottle for easy application. - 32 oz. Spray
  • Easy to use car care spray provides a powerful clean and fast refresh to existing car wax
  • Safely removes bugs, tar and sap and rejuvenates water repellent coating on any car, truck or other vehicle
  • Quick detailer spray works on tough stains and offers instant water beading