Rocket Ratchet Two-Hand Heavy Duty Socket Wrench Set

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    Ever want to change a tire only to be frustrated by lug nuts that just won’t budge? Introducing Rocket Ratchet, an 8-piece socket and ratchet tool set featuring a one-of-a-kind extension handle, turning the Rocket Ratchet into a nut-busting, high-torque champion. Even in single handle mode, Rocket Ratchet’s drop-forged, high carbon steel and chrome vanadium construction shines, separating it from the pack of ordinary ratchets. Quickly attaching the second handle transforms Rocket Ratchet into a 19-inch mega-tool monster. By moving the point of force to the center of the tool, and between your hands, you get full force-multiplier leverage, one hand pushing, the other pulling - for up to 9x’s more torque over ordinary ratchets. A hefty 1/2-inch drive and extension handle complete with foam comfort grips, Rocket Ratchet will become your go-to for all socket jobs, especially those stubborn lugs and rusted nuts. Boasting four 3-inch deep-well sockets and a bonus 3-inch socket extender, you’ll be gripping the deepest lugs and nuts in a snap. Plus, the drop-forged, chrome vanadium sockets included in the Rocket Ratchet set cover lugs on most cars making bulky, traditional four-way lug wrenches obsolete! Add your own 1/2-inch drive sockets and launch the Rocket Ratchet into limitless potential. Turn that 4-way lug wrench banging around your trunk into a thing of the past, with Rocket Ratchet, you get all the tool you need and more inside a convenient carrying case that stows in your trunk or workshop in seconds.
  • Heavy-Duty 1/2” Ratchet Drive PLUS Extension Handle for Two-Hand use
  • Includes (4) 3-inch “Deep-Well” Sockets - 11/16”, 3/4”. 13/16”, 7/8”
  • This purchase includes a bonus 3-inch Socket Extender