Retro-Matic Fly Slapper

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A fun way to get rid of flying flies, pests, insects and bugs - if you ever needed a fly killer indoor, flycatcher indoor, then this is a fun way to use the flies killer, fly swatter plastic spring-loaded fly slapper hands that slap flies as if using hands while having some fun too. A very lightweight and affordable device, it can be used to kill all types of insects. Fly slapper makes sure that no flies escape and helps you to deliver an effective strike at any unsuspecting flying pests. No toxic sprays or chemicals needed - forget about using toxic sprays and chemicals that may be harmful to you, your family and children, including pets at home, or co-workers and colleagues at the office. Use this fruit fly zapper, mosquito swatter, portable bug zagged, fly killer zapper, bug slapper, hand swatter, to get rid of flying pests. Environment-friendly mechanical mosquito swatter, fly zapper, fly killers, fly swatters, portable bug zappers need to batteries or electricity. Built-in target makes it a game.