Rechargeable Battery for Original Cordless Swivel Sweeper Models (Assorted Colors)

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    Ontel Products - Rechargeable Battery 7.2 V for Original Cordless Swivel Sweeper Models Rechargeable Battery for Cordless Swivel Sweeper. Replacement battery for the Swivel Sweeper Max Models - G2, Original, Max, and Touchless. The battery is made with premium battery cells. You can use the original charger to charge it. For the initial charging and times when the battery is completely dead, charging should take about eight hours. According to the Swivel Sweeper manual, eight hours is the longest the battery should need to charge. Assorted colors will ship.
  • Ontel Original Black Rechargeable Battery designed for all Cordless Swivel Sweepers.
  • Ensure your Swivel Sweeper stays powered and ready for action.
  • Rechargeable for convenience and long-term use.