Protection Plus- Sliding Glass Door and Window Accessory - Green

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    Protection Plus - Introducing the Sliding Glass Door and Window Accessory weighing just 0.68 lb. This innovative tool helps prevent mishaps with sliding glass doors by serving as a visual marker and an effective lock for both doors and windows. No installation is required; simply apply it with a suction cup. Designed to eliminate embarrassing and potentially injurious collisions with glass doors the Protection Plus also functions as a security lock impeding break-ins through sliding doors. Once suctioned to the glass it secures partially open doors preventing further opening. Parents can utilize it to enhance child safety restricting access or acting as a "third handle" for easy supervised use. With a height of 1 inch it ensures versatile application while adding a layer of security to your living space. - Green 1 Pack
  • Sliding glass door accessory that helps prevent glass door mishaps
  • It is a visual marker and a lock that is effective for locking windows too
  • Made of heavy-duty PVC materials, with a suction cup backing