Pillow Pets Pee Wee - 11"- Tow Mater

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The Pillow Pets Disney Pixar Cars Tow Mater is a super-soft chenille plush toy is so cuddly you'll never want to put it down! Pillow Pets are anything but just another toddler pillow. Starts out as your plush toy, then un-fasten its belly, and it magically becomes your 11" pillow! Bring a touch of room decor along with the practicality of everyday use as both a toy for imaginative play and a pillow for television, bed, or travel time. This Tow Mater Pillow Pet is an ideal naptime companion - not to mention a comforting partner on road trips or airplane rides. A bedtime solution that will have your kids racing to their room with their new pet for a good night's rest on their new favorite pillow. Made of high-quality washable chenille. Opens to an 11-inch pillow. As with all decorative pillows, not recommended for children under the age of 3.