Pee Patch

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Four Paws has created a simple method to restoring the natural luster of lawns that have been discolored by pets behavior. Four Paws Pee-Patch is a revolutionary combination mulch, seed soil & conditioner to help you rid your lawn of those ugly, yellow spots caused by your pet. The patented Pee Patch germinates quickly for rapid repairs to pet-damaged areas. The use of Advanced Soil Technology (AST) reduces erosion, resists soil crusting, and improves water penetration and seed establishment. Planting instructions: Improving Bare SpotsMow your lawn closely, and then remove all leave, dead grass, etc. Loosen the top 1-2 inches of soil in and around bare spot Generously apply Four Paws Pee Patch by hand, making sure to cover the entire bare spot. Four Paws recommends covering the bare spot with at least 1/3 inch of the Pee Patch. For best results, rake into the soil. Water the freshly sown seed immediately. As the seedlings grow, gradually reduce watering frequency. Sparkle indicates when your new lawn needs water. When the diamond-like crystals begin to sparkle, your lawn has received enough water. When the crystals disappear, it is time to water again. As the bare spot disappears, water the area regularly with the rest of your lawn.