Magic Tracks Dino Chomp Glow In The Dark Racetrack Set

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Introducing Magic Tracks Dino Chomp: The amazing racetrack that can bend, flex, and glow! Just snap the track pieces together to create your own customized speedway! Serpentine Technology allows the racetrack to form into almost any shape or pattern. Race off to the rescue around any curve or bend on the neon-colored track. With the Magic Tracks Dino Chomp set you can race and weave through the treacherous jungle terrain using the Jungle Safari SUV! Try and escape the dangerous jaws of the Dino Chomp that lurk around the corner! There is no end to the fun and exciting adventures you and your friends will have with the Magic Tracks Dino Chomp! Best of all Magic Tracks Dino Chomp cars have NEW Glow Trail Technology! The lights on the car charge the track creating glow trails that look like magic. Light up your path for everyone to see! The glow track rolls up so you can take it with you anywhere or put it away for quick and easy storage. Feel like a hero on your customized, glowing speedway with Magic Tracks Dino Chomp! Car and Dino Chomp-- Require 3 X AAA Batteries Each (Not Included) Ships in mail-order packaging. Includes: 9 ft (160 Pieces) of Glow Track (1) Dino Chomp (1) Jungle Safari SUV, (2) Cars (1) Roll-Over Rocky Terrain (1) Drive-Thru Jungle Vines (1) Sticker Sheet & Fun Guide Toddler For ages 4 and up.