Natural Wool Insoles-100% Real Sheepskin (Women Size: 6.5)

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    Ammep - The 100% wool fleece sheepskin insoles are tailored for women's shoes across all seasons fall winter spring and summer. Designed to effectively shield your feet against cold weather these insoles provide unparalleled warmth even on the iciest days. Versatile and suitable for various footwear styles they offer comfort and relaxation while being an ideal option for safeguarding against the cold. With a cashmere length typically ranging from 2-2.5cm these insoles deliver consistent warmth and can be trimmed for a customized fit. Unisex in design each package includes one pair of 100% real sheepskin insole inserts ensuring a cozy and snug experience for your feet. (Women Size: 6.5) - White
  • The insoles that give you instant comfort
  • Molds to your feet for unbelievable comfort
  • Soft, Warm and Comfortable