Napkleen Disposable Clothing Protectors, 50 Count

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Using Napkleen Disposable clothing protectors spills are no longer a problem. Offering a clean solution to a messy problem! It is Easy-to-Apply and each product is backed or cantered with an impermeable plastic coating that protects clothing. These clothing protectors have been developed with the baby, child, adult and senior in mind, for feeding babies, eating in the car or sit down restaurants, healthcare, children for arts and crafts and dentists the bibs protect clothing, reduce the need for wash loads and are waterproof with a leak proof liner that is super absorbent. The products have an invisible feel and are extremely cost effective. We all know that the old-fashioned bibs, feel uncomfortable and demoralising. This Bib has you covered having an invisible feel and easy apply method. The Product gives hospital patients and senior resident care a new level of comfort and dignity. This breakthrough technology in disposable clothing protection is super absorbent and easy to apply. The uses are endless, keeping children's and teachers clothing neat and clean can be very difficult, labour intensive, and a time consuming task School facilities, day-care, nursery's, preschools, special needs facilities and countless others can all benefit from this clever new bib. Product categories also include:- Medical Babies Dental Restaurants & Drive through - printed or plain. Day Care Arts and Crafts Retail Parties The bibs are plain white with no design on them. Bib Size: 330mm x 460mm (13" x 18") Color: White