MOVING CUSHION FOAM - 12" x 12" Sheets (50 Count)

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Convenient Pre-cut Sheets: Save time and effort with pre-cut foam sheets, eliminating the need for ripping or cutting when packing.Kitchenware Protection: Safeguard your valuable kitchenware, including dishes, plates, glasses, cups, and mugs, from potential damage during storage or transportation.Fragile Item Protection: Keep delicate items like vases, china, and electronics safe and secure with the foam's protective cushioning. Lightweight and Reusable: These foam wraps are lightweight, making them easy to handle, store, and reuse. Perfect for storing Christmas ornaments and holiday decorations.Shock and Scratch Absorption: Provide excellent protection by absorbing shocks, vibrations, scratches, and dings during moving, shipping, or mailing.Organized and Dust-Free: Create a tidy and dust-free environment by using the foam sheets to organize your belongings effectively.Sheet Dimensions: Each sheet measures 12" x 12", offering ample coverage for various items.