Mini Fold Up Lint Brushes Travel Compact Purse Pocket (2pack)

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The product has electrostatic dust hair removal and other effects for species of other clothing wool flannel. Not only widely used, but the effect is very good dust on the clothes can instantly sweep away. Quick and easy to eliminate fluff, lint, dust, and crumbs. This product is matte-sided, against the brush pile of clothing on the go, to get rid of hair along the machine. Great for travel or to keep in your purse pocket. Can remove hair, and dust on the clothes effectively. Adopted electrostatic cloth, will not hurt clothes. Easy to clean, the shavings under the brush can be removed by hand rubbing. Only can remove pet hair, but also various adhesive things on your sofa or clothes. It easily removes hair, lint, and more without leaving a sticky residue behind. Dust removal is simple, clean is thorough, Clean the brush with a damp paper towel. 2 mini lint brushes TVTimeDirect Measure approximately 7 1/2" open and 4" folded Great for travel or to keep in your purse pocket or car