Mighty Sight LED Magnifying Eyeglasses

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Are you constantly squinting and straining when trying to see up close? And in low lit areas its even harder to see! Introducing Mighty Sight™, the new LED lighted magnifying eyewear! See detailed tasks bigger, clearer and brighter…instantly! Mighty Sight™ provides 160% magnification so you can see anything up close and with crystal clear clarity. The high definition optical lenses utilize new magnification technology, allowing you to see with incredible detail and without any eye strain! Forget that bulky handheld magnifying glass. Mighty Sight™ has powerful, built-in LED’s that are ultra-bright and illuminate any project for hands-free illumination! No need to struggle with that flash light. The LED lights follow your view with pinpoint accuracy, so you won’t disturb others around you. Perfect for low lit areas and reading at night! Easily read the small print on medicine labels. Effortlessly thread a sewing needle. Work on electrical projects with ease. Accurately paint small figurines and more! Mighty Sight™ is rechargeable, so it’s always ready when you need it. No more batteries needed. Best of all, Mighty Sight™ fits comfortably over any prescription glasses! Unisex and one size fits all, Mighty Sight™ looks great on anyone!