Mesh Sink Strainer

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    Handy Helpers - (HP047) Say goodbye to the frustration of lost items vanishing down the drain. Introducing the Mesh Kitchen Sink Strainer your trusty companion in the kitchen that keeps valuables out of harm's way. By adding the Mesh Sink Strainer to your kitchen arsenal you'll enjoy peace of mind and a clutter-free sink. No more fishing for lost utensils or jewelry. Keep your sink clean and your belongings safe with this indispensable tool. This stainless steel sink strainer helps to keep items in the sink and out of the drain. Easily fits into any size drain. Comes packaged on a tie card with a hanging hole. - Case of 24
  • Perfect Fit: Measuring approximately 4.25 inches across with a 1.75-inch opening, it effortlessly fits most sink drains, providing a seamless shield against unwanted mishaps.
  • Sink Guardian: No more lost treasures down the drain. The Mesh Sink Strainer acts as your vigilant protector, ensuring precious items stay where they belong.
  • Kitchen Essential: A must-have for anyone tired of dealing with the hassle of items slipping into the abyss of the drain