Men's Reusable Briefs- XLarge (Waist 42"-44")

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Allman - Men's Reusable Briefs Underpants Cotton Protective Underwear X-Large (Waist 42"-44"). Looks and feels like real underwear. For light to moderate incontinence. Made with quality absorbent material. Reusable and machine washable. No inserts or pads are required. Provides bladder control protection. The barrier prevents wetting clothes and briefs and lasts up to 300 piles of washing. Undergarments do not require inserts or disposable pads. Super Absorbent Fiber sewn into the briefs absorbs while feeling dry to the touch and with minimal staining. Sewn-in barrier prevents urine from wetting clothes. Absorbency of 4-6 oz. Built-in pad system and waterproof liner. For moderate incontinence: 6 oz. (175cc) capacity Includes: 1 x Men's Reusable Briefs. Looks & feels like regular underwear. For light to moderate incontinence. Built in pad system. Water proof lining. White - X-Large - 1 Pack