Melon Slicing Tool- Set of 2

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    Melon Slicing Tool - Set of 2, the perfect solution for effortlessly slicing and serving delicious melons with precision and ease. This innovative tool set is designed to streamline the process of preparing and enjoying melons, making it a must-have for fruit lovers and kitchen enthusiasts.
  • EZ Slice Right is the Amazing New Kitchen Gadget that Perfectly Slices or Cubes Melons in seconds
  • Unique design slices from the bottom, so you Leave the Rind Behind!
  • Cut and serve watermelons, cantaloupes, honeydew and even cake! With No Messy Cleanup!
  • This product is a two pack.
  • Potable and easy to take with you to picnics and parties to cut your melon to the size you want.