Makura Buckwheat Pillows For Muscle Pain Relief Snoring Headaches Stress 2 Pack 17"x12"x 2"

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Forget foam, forget feathers! 2 Makura Buckwheat Pillows, ON SALE! The natural buckwheat hulls offer distinct advantages over ordinary fills! These Pillows conform easily to the head, neck and spine no matter what your sleep position. They hold firm, without collapsing, and allow air to circulate. Cover is 65 / 35 polyester / cotton. 17 x 12 x 2", fit standard pillowcase. Weighs 3 lbs., 5 ozs. Tension, muscle pain, snoring, headaches, stress... better, better-supported sleep can battle these ills. Get these Pillows online now and discover the bliss! 2 Makura Buckwheat Pillows.