Magic Ear - Personal Sound Booster by BulbHead

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Portable hearing amplifier. When there’s background chatter or other types of noise, it’s difficult to hear the voice that matters. Now you can get instant super hearing with Atomic Beam Magic Ear, the personal sound booster. Go from a noisy environment to a noise-free environment! Unlike other personal hearing devices, Magic Ear picks up conversations from across the room. Easily hear voices up front from the back seat of the car. Hate going to the movie theater because of all that background chatter and distracting sounds? Magic Ear amplifies voices while cancelling out background noise. If you’re a sportsman, hiker, or birdwatcher, Magic Ear is a must. The hearing device picks up sounds a normal, healthy ear wouldn’t. Includes one (1) Atomic Beam Magic Ear. Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. When words are unclear, you need Magic Ear by Atomic Beam.