Mace Brand Sportsman Scent System Refill Cartridges (2)- Acorn Sent

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Mace Brand Sportsman Scent System Refill Cartridges (2)- Acorn Scent Liquid Attractant The Sportsman Scent System is interchangeable, giving you the most flexible scent system on the market. As you change hunting areas you can adjust accordingly by changing scent cartridges. This combination of distance and flexibility should maximize any hunters chance of bagging that elusive trophy buck! Apply scent trails from a distance without contaminating the area with human odor. Spray attractants on low-lying underbrush and vegetation. Spray urine along deer corridors and bottlenecks off trails, make a mock scrape and spray around the mock scrape. The Scent System’s long range makes it ideal to use from your blind or treestand to compensate for changes in wind direction without revealing your location. Includes: 2 x Refill Cartridges of Acorn Scent Liquid Attractant (each cartridge is 28 grams)This item will ship ground under ORM-D policy.