Luma Candles Limited Lavender Edition

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The Luma Candles are an amazing way to provide a warm glow and romantic ambiance to the room, without the need for matches or a lighter. Made using LED technology, these candles are fashioned from durable ABS Plastic and help to provide you with a vibrant atmosphere that's ideal for everything from hosting a dinner forthat special someone to adding a little festive decor to your interior holiday decorations. Get three great candles, as well as a convenient remote control for easy options of switching these lights on and off! No flame, no heat, no smoke, no mess, great choice for mood lighting both indoors and outdoors . The Mood Candles are easy to turn on/ off with an 18-key remote controller which is equipped with a "Mode" button to set the mode of lighting (flicker or stable) and multicolor & 12 colors buttons to choose the LED color. Now with Lavender Scent, limited edition