Liquid Leather Color Pen- Green Pen

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    The Liquid Leather Color Pen in Green is a versatile tool for effortlessly restoring and refreshing green leather products such as bags, jackets, and upholstery. Its precision applicator and durable formula ensure accurate color matching and long-lasting results, reviving your leather items with a vibrant green hue.
  • Liquid Leather Color Pen: The Liquid Leather Color Pen is a convenient and effective tool for restoring and refreshing the color of leather and vinyl surfaces.
  • Easy application: The color pen is designed for easy and precise application, allowing you to target specific areas that require color touch-ups or restoration.
  • Quick drying: The color pen dries quickly, allowing you to use the repaired item or surface shortly after application without worrying about smudging or transferring color.
  • Versatile use: The color pen is suitable for various leather and vinyl items, including furniture, car interiors, clothing, accessories, and more.
  • Fade-resistant and long-lasting: The color formula is fade-resistant and provides long-lasting results, ensuring that the repaired areas maintain their color vibrancy over time.