Knork Plastic 24-Piece - Clear

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Knork Clear Plastic Disposable 24 Pc Pack The Knork is an innovative knife and fork combo that is revolutionizing the dining experience! It combines the cutting ability of a knife with the spearing action of a fork, creating a unique utensil that is not only convenient-- it can function as an eating aid for individuals with limited hand mobility. Using the Knork, food can be cut and lifted to the mouth using only one hand, rather than the two hands needed to operate a regular knife and fork. The Knork's outer tines are beveled and rounded. These curved edges are able to cut through food but are not serrated or sharp to the touch. This makes the Knork as safe to the mouth as a regular fork. The curved shape of the head allows it to be rocked back and forth, much like the motion of a rocking chair. It is the combination of the beveled edge with the rocking motion that gives the Knork® its remarkable cutting ability. Set includes: 24 x Plastic Knorks- fork/knife utensil