Knork 4 Piece Fork Set - Matte Finish

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The KNORK® can be used as an eating aid for people with limited hand mobility, from temporary injuries to permanent conditions such as severe arthritis and hemi-paralysis (more commonly known as one-sided paralysis.) KNORK® looks like a normal eating utensil and attracts no attention when using it. People who would otherwise require that their food be cut for them-- or else limit their meal choices-- can gain increased independence by using the KNORK®. Because of KNORK®?s rising popularity with stroke victims, amputees and others who only have the use of one hand, KNORK®s are slowly infiltrating hospital rehabilitation units and cafeterias across the country. Unlike a knife, the knork cuts through food with a rocking motion which is facilitated by a finger platform on both sides of the handle. Knorks are symmetric and can be used by both left-handers and right-handers. Matte Finish