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Is it difficult to use both a knife and a fork to cut your dinner? The Knork is a rocker knife and fork combination that allows you to cut your food with only one utensil. Cut through pizza, chicken, pork chops and even steak with only one hand.. Knork is the cutting-edge utensil that combines the qualities of a knife and afork. A simple solution for people with arthritis or unsteady hands. The broadhead has curved tines that are sharp enough to cut through food while not injuring your mouth. Elegant contoured handle features a large-surface finger platform for easy cutting. Dishwasher safe. Each piece in the Knork flatware set has a larger contoured handle and is slightly heavier for added stability. The 'finger platform' in the middle of the utensil gives you a place to comfortably rest your finger. Ideal for single-handed individuals as well as anyone with limited dexterity. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. The Knork's unique functional and structural abilities are due to its design. This improved universal fork is a combination of the particular functions and characteristics of a knife and fork. With its balanced handle and enlarged end, the Knork provides a greater surface which is able to fit and press against the palm of the user's hand, providing stability and comfort when using the tool as a knife.The head is comprised of both outer and inner fork tines. The inner fork tines have a shape consistent with a typical fork that is commonly used but the outer tines have increased width. Its curved outer edges provide increased cutting capability through a unique rocking motion. The handle's balanced and smooth contour also features a finger platform flanking both sides which allows a person to press one or more fingers against the side of the fork for comfort when cutting. This also allows the Knork to be used by persons having either a right-handed or left-handed orientation.